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SMSR - Type D




 Our Type D shaft mounted speed reducers (SMSR) are available in many different ratios, power and torque outputs to suit the needs of various jobs. They are also very easy to install and use by the end user.

Carefully engineered for ideal performance and efficiency, our Type D SMSRs feature backstop assemblies for the shaft mount to ensure a smooth, forward operation of the conveyor with no back slip. Universal mounting is also available with all of our units as they come with a torque arm kit with brackets.

To guarantee low maintenance and high reliability, our units have new SAMT bolt-on adapters, shafts are engineered to SAMT dimensions, and feature double-lip seals on both sealing surfaces.

In addition, our Type D SMSRs are interchangeable with Dodge SMSRs, bringing flexibility to your needs.

  • Input Power: 0.43 - 88 kW
  • Torque: 64.7 - 1527 Nm
  • Reduction: 5:1/13:1/20:1
  • Dodge equivalent


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