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SMSR - M Series




  • Available in 7 sizes with two reduction stages, shaft-mounting occurs by means of tension arm. A back-stop device can also be mounted if required by the application.
  • A projecting input shaft with key is available for mounting of pulleys for belt transmissions.
  • The helical spur gears are built in 20MnCr5 UNI7846 quench-hardened and case-hardened steel. The teeth of all gears are ground in order to ensure silent running.
  • The standard hollow output shaft made of steel is dimensioned accordingly to enhance performance in all different applications.
  • The rigid structure of the housing in engineering cast iron ensures superior resistance to stress. The single lubrication chamber guarantees excellent thermal dissipation.

Shaft mounted gearboxes are equipped with filler, level, and drain plugs and require oil lubrication. When ordering the gearbox, the mounting position should always be specified.

Backstop Device
Spontaneous static irreversibility is not guaranteed on shaft mounted gearboxes as they feature high values of static and dynamic efficiency.
Static irreversibility with a motionless gearbox occurs when the application of a load on the output shaft does not cause rotation of the input axis. Available only on request, a backstop device can be fitted onto the gearbox which would allow for motion irreversibility. The way that this works is that the backstop device enables rotation of the output shaft only in the required direction (which must be specified when ordering the gearbox).
We recommend that you use a synthetic lubricant, viscosity class ISO150 in these gearboxes with a backstop device.     


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